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Green-app-machine-reviewThe Green App Machine, claims that anyone can build their own personalized app and expect to earn a reasonable amount of money from it. How efficient is this toolkit? Does it really help to build a mobile app and will it actually benefit it you financially? Read on to find out…

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With the ever advancing technology, Smartphones have grown to be a daily use device with many taking advantage of the apps available in the market.

Different developers come up with apps that perform various functions. Some develop apps that market their product, others build apps for entertainment, yet others build educational apps.

What Is The Green App Machine?

First things first, the Green App Machine is a simple toolkit which can be used to build a mobile app by any person in just 12 minutes. It was developed by a Malaysian, Peng Li, who came up with the idea as a result of scrambling into the Mobile Marketing by various app developers in struggling to get the most clients to download their apps. This toolkit allows you to develop a simple, resourceful app in the shortest time possible.

How it works


You don’t need to have big bucks to develop your app.

Choose the Niche:

Once you have been granted access into the platform, you will then select the niche of your desired app. This is also known as the “keyword machine” which is Very important. It’s the difference between a successful app with lots of downloads and an app with none. Think of it like buying a location for your business, you would want to select a location (keyword) that has a significant amount of traffic so you can maximize your profits.

Check the boxes:

Fill in the required information by checking a few boxes that’s related to your app category. Some boxes are already checked, which simplifies the task.

By ticking these boxes you’re actually programing your app, the software takes care of all the programing code automatically.

Find a Cover Photo:

This is a unique picture that will be used as your app’s cover photo. Think of this as an advert for your app, picking an eye caching one will improve your downloads.

Click Go:

Once  your niche is targeted, it is fully programed by ticking the boxes and has a eye catching relevant Cover photo; you will then click on “Go” and it will then make it available in the interface. Your app is now fully completed and ready to rock and roll.

Features of the Product

Features checklist with penGreen app Machine

 This is the major component of the software that allows you to develop apps that are personalized in relation to different categories in a few minutes.

Keyword Machine

The software helps a user to get the best results of Android apps niche. This feature helps to reduce time by giving you a detailed result of top keywords in an efficient manner.

Premium Theme

This feature includes a WordPress theme which coverts your WordPress blog into a machine for mobile promotion.

The Four-Hour Cash Machine

It features a basic guide that will help you to get started quickly in your online business working effectively within 4 hours.

Tier 1 Training

This is a set of 6 various books in PDF form, which assists the user to design their applications in a more profitable way.

Ben Davies, a customer of the product says that he has no programming and coding background, yet he has been able to create his own app in just 24 minutes.

Advantages of the Green App Machine

good news

Comprehensive Explanation on how to use it: The tutorial explains in detail how you can use the software in the most effective way.

Multiple Applications available: The software features multiple applications of different categories. These range from social media apps, business based apps, entertainment apps, notification apps to educative apps.

Like one client, Sally Underwood said that she used the software to make an app for her dog grooming service.

Huge Profit Making Opportunities: The software helps to promote your business and is said to maximize your profits.

Tammy Sook Yee, a customer, says that she recommends it to pop businesses that require an extra push on marketing and branding their business.

Fully integrated ad networks: Its has 10 fully integrated mobile ad networks (yes even Google AdMob) which helps you make money from your apps.

Unlimited apps: The program actually gives you unlimited app’s with no per app charge or maintenance fee’s (according to research most services charge a fee for each app they build for you), they charge a monthly fee of $47 to access the members area, however the apps you create during your membership is yours for life.

Video Training: In the members area there are video tutorials detailing how to effectively use the green app machine software. For those that prefer reading there are also PDF’s with details instructions.

You don’t need an office, website,  or even a mobile phone. You also do not have to know how to program.

Disadvantages of the product

bad news

Limited time: The time available in making, designing and generally building your app is limited and the time available in the interface is also restricted.

Need to invest time in this product: It is not as easy as it made out to be and it will require some time to go through the training provided. It is important to remember that implementing it is a major factor when is comes to your success in make money.

Google Fee: You will be required to pay a one-time fee of $25 to Google Play Store in order to upload your apps on the platform.

Angry Birds? You will not be able to make a game like angry birds (research would suggest building a similar game this complex would cost at least $7,000), instead the green app machine focuses on a business model with a more predictable income stream by creating lots of apps to meet the demand of the market.


We see that the green app machine gives you everything you need, the all-important niche/keyword research, the ability to build your app’s by simply checking a few boxes, finding a cover photo, integration with various ad networks and the ability to make it available in the market place. If you invest some time in the training videos and PDF’s provided you will  have an All In One business solution.

It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The creator has designed this product for an online business that focuses on multiple long term predictable income streams via multiple niches and apps.

Whether you’re after a full online business or want quick marketing tool for your existing business, then the Green App Machine is defiantly work a look at!

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How to make money from free apps




It is surprisingly a major boost to know that technology opens tons of opportunities for the younger generation to earn money! The question is just exactly how? Many mobile application stores are brimming with free and paid apps for different brands. Considering the potential range of clients available for buying applications, young geniuses have come up with the best solution for making money – earn from free apps.

How to make money from free apps? It might be easy to earn a living on paid applications but the story is entirely different if the application is free! Research has recorded 57, 331 million users who download free applications (2012) while only 6654 millions used paid applications. It has been estimated that by 2017, the percentage of users will rise to a 94.5 percent with respect to free applications.

Money Making Source

The functions of the app economy are believed to be a sound means of gaining clientele. The app industry has certainly caught a million users who have surfaced after Apple first introduced its technical advancements to the world. However Google deserves the credit for marketing free applications on the web the most! Considering there are more Apple users than Android, in 2013 a survey recorded Android app users to be considerably lesser as compared to iPhone and iPad app users. The business of applications has definitely become a strategic purpose that dominates the world.


Why Free Applications Over Paid?

“Yes” you can make money with free apps and in some cases it can be more lucrative than paid apps. As an apps developer, studying the components of the application before rolling it out to the public takes time and patience. But the fundamental rule of marketing states that free applications start out as pure dimes and may take a while if you’re looking towards starting a business. You never quite know when a localized app can become instinctively popular with the audience. In fact as a juvenile apps developer, there might be companies that wish to purchase the rights of the application offering an efficient royalty program to you. When an application is introduced, it must be unique and requires social media attention.

According to Indian app developing expert, Kundan Kumar, AdStruck Consulting mentioned that apps can sell for millions if it is marketed in the right manner. By introducing revenue sharing programs and/or advertising that most app stores support to increase your chances of earning more money.

How to Make Money from Free Apps?

ads1.In-App Advertising

One of the most efficient means of monetizing a free application is by in-app advertising. This technique consists of using structures around the internet that assist you in advertising the free application. Find mobile advertising networks like AdMob or InMobi that offer brilliant promotion options. Such networks offer an integrated system of monetizing the free application which can help you to earn money easily. Sign up for ad exchanges if you’re serious about making money with free apps.


A rapidly evolving sales process is the concept of sponsorship which is ideally very beneficial for advertising your free app. Free applications bring more clients than paid since there is zero investment in case of free applications. If the application is capable of attracting a niche group of clients then it is quite possible that firm will want to start a partnership with you. If the organization wishes to sponsor all the liabilities, expenses and marketing agendas behind selling an application under a certain sum, it is known as sponsorship. You can obtain a series of wonderful contacts the minute the application is sponsored.

3.In-App Purchases

Think about Farmville and the perfect example of in-app purchases will land on your doorstep right away! The process behind buying certain products through the application for your account in the game is known as in-app purchases. It is relatively difficult since it involves making a payment system for the application to function properly. You can start selling shortcuts, power-ups in games etc while using the application. If you do have an application that users demand then ensure that your marketing skills persuade them to pay more!


upgradingIf you want to know how to make money from free apps then you should try upgrading that basically introduces a lighter version of the application for free. Later on you can make changes to the application and sell it for an increased rate. Give users the chance to experience the free application before you allow them to buy a more expensive version. If the application does become a craze, start promoting the original app using the free app and make more money.

5.Bundled Deals

Knowing that a free application is generally preferred over a paid application the next strategy is to increase yearly earnings. You can easily earn money through a free application once you begin to charge for the services the application offers. Even if recipients have downloaded the application for free, you can sell it to users through distinct packages where the free run usage can be used for a limited time period. Despite the application being free, you can advertise additional features that require down payment. However ensure that the free application is legally registered before getting involved in a sales transaction.


It is easy to capitalize on a new application that is free when the number of users compliments features of the applicants. In contrast to a paid application, most users will seem to choose the benefits of free service then paid. If you have a brilliant idea for an application that is already on its way to being engineered, then start gathering your network of potential buyers right away!

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